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Post  GEG SOULTAKER on April 18th 2010, 10:39 pm

Guilty or Not Guilty? UMMMMM!

The Founders Are The Judges:

Hunter A.k.a xRobotic Nerdx, is on the Hot seat:

GEG T o X i C: We are to be like a family and grow as one and i really want to be his friend
and all i asked him was what are you playing COD4 He Said... then says something about a tactical insertion.
Or atleast i thought he did and i assumed by jokingly replying back saying it sounds like your boosting.
Then suddenly he gets mad and kicks me out of the party but not before he mutes me.
Kicking people out of the clan is like losing a family member so i trully feel that theres good you hunter but your just not clan material right now.

GEG SOULTAKER: Hunter is gone now out of state out of mind maybe we'll have to do alittle bit more cutting = Get Rid Off People Only Because we need to make this community better and i hope we'll never have to really do this but if we do then so be it. Theres still some immature people out there that either need to straighten up and be serious about this thats all. And Or We're Going On A Cutting Rampage, You disrespected me and all ranks above and below you, When you backed out of the party it kicked us all and you took your bad day out on the whole clan.

ALL FOUNDERS: Maybe When and If Hunter Straightens up and starts taking this more serious then we'll bring him back and we will not bring him back tomorrow neither even if he tries to apollogize today. We are giving him along time out of the clan then if after we feel that it is good enough to bring him back if he wants to come back or if he's apart of another clan then no we are not letting him back in. We wil give him 30 days to try and get his act together and if we see a change in heart and attitude then we'll bring him back.

GEG T o X i C: Is On the hot seat.

T o X i C will get a suspension for 3 weeks for starting drama and causing clan disfunction, and will not have any
clan activities or communication. For not taking this serious, We hope you both learn from this.


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