C.O.D/M.W.2 Ranking Structure 2:

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C.O.D/M.W.2 Ranking Structure 2: Empty C.O.D/M.W.2 Ranking Structure 2:

Post  GEG SOULTAKER on June 29th 2010, 10:24 pm

COD/MW2 Ranking Structure:

Recruit (GEGr) Title Is FNG emblem is Dog Tags

Private (GEGp) Title Is S.S.D.D Emblem 1 stripe

Corporal (GEGc)Title Is Get Real, emblem 2 stripes.

Sergeant (GEG4) Limit 3 per squad, Title is Sgt emblem is 3 stripes .

Staff Sergeant (GEG5) Vice Commander of Squad, Recruiting starts but must be overseen, Limit 2 per squad, Title is 1stSgt emblem is Reach Level 15 1st time.

Master Sergeant (GEG6) Commander of Squad, Promoting starts but must be overseen, May request GEG tag starts, Limit 1 per squad Title is Sarge, emblem already Reached level 22 1st time.

Lieutenant (GEG7) Recruiting and Promoting without being overseen starts, Limit up to number of squads minus the captain and commander(s) Title is 1st Lt. (Lieutenant) emblem already Reached level 37 1st time.

Commander (GEG8) Vice commander of branch, demoting with permission starts, Limit 1 per 5 squads, Title is Commander emblem already Reached level 70 1st time.

Captain (GEG9) Commander of branch, Allowed to suspend but not dismiss, Limit 1 per branch, Title is M.W.2 Reach Prestige 1, Level 69, Emblem already Reached level 40 1st time.

Major (GEG1) must have bungie account, xbox live, and windows live to review games and watch players, Limit 2 per squad, Title is Maj. (Major) Reach Rank "Colonel"(level 50) emblem already Reached level 43 1st time.

Master Chief (GEG2) inspect branches, and conduct one on one meetings, limit equal to number of branches, emblem is already Reach level 54 1st time.

General (GEG3) inspect officers, limit 2 per branch, Title is Gen. (General) already Reached Rank "Major General II"(level 60) 1st time, emblem already Reached level 66 1st time.

General of GEG (GGEG) Accept or dismiss GEG Gamer tags, Remove player, demote Captain and below without permission, demote major and higher with permission, Limit 1, Title is emblem already Reached level 62 1st time, has to be a unanimous vote to appoint.

Founder (FNDR) Title is Blood Brothers, Challenge: "Team Player: II"(lvl10) - Win 15 Team Deathmatch matches, Emblem is already Reached 1st prestige level 2. Or any emblem you want but can not be of thee above chosen

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