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Ranking, Recruiting, and Promotions Empty Ranking, Recruiting, and Promotions

Post  GEG FLOWERPOWER on July 21st 2010, 10:30 pm

Hey everyone Zwhat here

I'm a bit concerned on how we have been picking up so many members in such a short time.... it's good but it's bad since now i'm hearing that the recruits we just got are like Cpl. and Sgt. i mean serious i know yall wanna get ranked up but it's a little fast if you get that high ranked in one night!

So i posted to tell you that if you were recruited and on that same day you got a promotion well i will have to look into your promotion just to see if you truly deserve it
I'm doing this for the wellfare of the clan and i must know this isnt just you guys wanting to get ranked up by just bringing more or your friends into this clan

And because of the all the recruit we might need to up are recruiting questions and maybe test you all out before you join in...

If you have questions leave them below in a comment

This is Zwhat PEACE!

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