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Post  GEG SOULTAKER on April 15th 2010, 5:11 am

1. No Cheating, Boosting, or Modding, Only Friendly Modding.
2. No Drama.
3. No Poaching.
4. No Sexism, Racism, Or Discrimination.
5. T-Bagging and trash talking are allowed only among friends in custom Games, Now we will allow it in matchmaking only if they provoke (for example t-bag,trash talk,) you first. Skrimages we Must not t-bag or trash talk another clan or gamer.
6. Must act Mature if not immeadiate Removal from the clan is questionable or any leadership or rank will be removed.
7. No Multiple Gaming leagues, For example joining other clans while in GEG, Or their already in a clan while joining GEG.
8. Remain Nuetral and friendly to other gamers, and gaming leagues. We do not want to make enemies.
9. Show courtesy and respect to all ranks above and below you.
10. No leaving the game EARLY OR LATE all must finish the game unless theres an actual excuse for leaving.
11. No joining tenth Prestige Lobby's Thats not legal or accurate.
12. Must Attend meetings aleast once a week and must be an actual excuse for missing No leaving EARLY OR LATE.
13. Global Extreme Gaming Members must become a Master Sergeant to get a GEG gamer tag.

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