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Post  GEG Razzle7299 on January 11th 2011, 11:15 pm

Here are the rules laid out for this policy...
1) Please use your appropriate ranks when there is a problem.
2) If you have problems with a higher rank, go above them to another higher and try to solve the problem.
3) If problem is not being dealt with in a timely manner, please notify one of us and let us know what is going on so appropriate action can be taken care of.
4) If there is something you really need to talk about but are worried what others might think, we are here to listen if you feel you cannot talk to anyone else.

Founders are as listed

GEG Soultaker, BloodxVein, Anter15, GEG GangstaDuck, GEGxDEVILs FEAR, Noyesie, Opie16301, GEG FlowerPower, BloodyDevil21, and myself (GEG Razzle7299)

*Updates in red

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