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Post  GEG SOULTAKER on January 13th 2011, 1:45 am

Battlefield Badcompany 2

Recruit (RCT) Limit 5 per squad, Use people as a reference for Recruiting and get promoted limit 3 refered recruits.

Private (PVT) Limit 3 per squad, Bring promblems to our attention and try explaining in the best detail possible.

Corporal (CPL) Limit 4 per squad, Help privates know the recruiting speech, the ranking structure, And the Code of Conduct.

Sergeant (SGT) Limit 3 per squad, Makes sure that everyone is listening and paying attention to the Master Sergeant.

Staff Sergeant (SSG) Vice Commander of Squad, Recruiting starts but must be overseen, Limit 2 per squad, emblem Thor toggled.

Master Sergeant (MSG) Commander of Squad, Promoting starts but must be overseen, May request GEG tag starts, Limit 1 per squad emblem crossed swords. Watches over and trains the Staff Sergeant.

Lieutenant (LT) Recruiting and Promoting without being overseen starts, Limit up to number of squads minus the captain and commander(s) emblem wolf toggled. Trains and makes sure everyone knows how to recruit.

Commander (COM) Vice commander of branch, demoting with permission starts, Limit 1 per 5 squads, emblem supernova.

Captain (CPT) Commander of branch, Allowed to suspend but not dismiss, Limit 1 per branch, Emblem drone toggled. Strategic Mapper or Trainer.

Major (MJR) Must have bungie account, xbox live, and windows live to review games and watch players, Limit 2 per squad, emblem phoenix with background of squad when in squad meetings. Takes attendence and posts it in the forums page.

Master Chief (MC) Inspect branches, and conduct one on one meetings, limit equal to number of branches, Emblem Valkyrie with background of branch when in branch meetings. Keeps track of all promotions and reports them to the websites moderator.

General (GEN) inspect officers, limit 2 per branch, emblem champion. Keeps track of all demotions and kicks players out of meetings or practice for immature purposes and reports them to the GENERAL Of GEG OR Founder(s).

Recommended age from Lieutenant Admiral to Founder is 17 or Older.

Lieutenant Admiral (LTA) Makes sure everyone is doing there jobs. Remind the recruits to sign up on the website and sends messages about clanmate promotions and tells other clanmates when its time for promotions. And is able to demote general of geg with permission. To keep track of everyone or to see if they are still in the clan. And Is to take roll call by going down through the list of names and sending messages to everyone to answer, and while we are in meetings and practice's also.

Vice Admiral (VAD) Helps come up with a game plan idea for in game strategy and creates gametypes. Helps Create Clan activities. Helps out with squad meetings. Has the power to demote general of geg without permission and is able to demote Lieutenant Admiral with permission.

Admiral (ADM) Helps with announcements And Make sure everyone is wearing their unform and has there rank in their clan tags and Help plan tournaments. Demote Vice Admiral with permission and Lieutenant Admiral without permission.

ADMIRAL GENERAL (AGN) Makes sure everythings going according to plan and that The LTAD, VAD, and ADM are doing there jobs. Demote Admiral with permission and Vice admiral without permission.

General of GEG (GNG) Accept or dismiss GEG Gamer tags, Remove player, demote Captain and below without permission, demote major and higher with permission, Limit 1, Title is OMFG (Oh My Fucking God) Challenge: "Cruelty" - Kill an enemy, pick up his weapon, then kill him again with his own weapon. emblem already Reached level 62 1st time, has to be a unanimous vote to appoint. Reports them to the web Admin.

Activities Director (ATD) Takes care of all Community activities and makes up ideas for community activities and conducts founder meetings to see if the founders like his ideas or to see if the founders have their own ideas.

Advisory Commander (AC) Is to give advice or notify the community of threats, Ideas, New members, and notify the branch captains when members of their branches are up for Promotion and Demotion. And notify all members of their removal, ban, and demotion.

Missing In Action (M.I.A) Founders assign or vote a clan member here, Founders will tell him what his job assignments are. But they must not take part in community activities.

Founder (FND) And founder is not a rank, you must earn it. a founders job is to make sure the community is going according to plan and that everyone is playing there part in the community and come up with ideas or ways to reward everyone for there hard work.


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