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Gamebattles!? Empty Gamebattles!?

Post  GEG FLOWERPOWER on January 19th 2011, 12:19 am

Alright as some of you might know me GEG LUXURY has signed our clan up for GB "GameBattles"
I signed us up so we can learn about MLG gaming and have more to do and have fun
We will get more known by this and maybe do tounrys!
So far though i need a team and this team needs to be ready for any match that pops up...
And i will host tryouts Starting from Today Jan. 18 2011 to the whenever i feel the ending date shall be
Message me if interested on write on the forums if u are!!!!!
This team is for Modern Warfare 2 and i will be hosting practices for this team since we will need training i also might make a second team and put it in command of a good canidate for the job! Since we need to skrimage against someone
I need about 6-8 people for my team
ok the positions
Co Leader: GEG T o X i C
Members: ?
Members: ?
Back up: ?
Back up: ?
More if needed:
More if needed:

*ps. anyone who i have tested already will need to be retested also i will want my team to change ur GTs so you will have to be above Master Sergeant Unless i say so ok Since my team needs to have GEG in their name! Only some exceptions So peace

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