More BF3 and holy hell check this vid out!

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More BF3 and holy hell check this vid out!

Post  GEG GangstaDuck on March 4th 2011, 5:57 pm
This is a good one and I also have another one..........
This one is actuall gameplay and it is epicly beautiful Smile
Battlefield 3 leaked a video of Battlefield 3 from GDC 2011. The video starts out with the player crawling into a tunnel and emerging onto a street and engaging enemies. A tremor causes a nearby building to fall on the player and fades to a tank scene, players jumping from a cliff, and a dogfight. The video ends with a particle demonstration and day & night cycles (seen below.)
Battlefield 3 Gameplay (GDC 2011) 360p
Battlefield 3 Video Gameplay from GDC 2011 ... not bad in my opinion... Wink..
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