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Post  GEG SOULTAKER on March 8th 2011, 8:37 pm

To All Community Members. Us Founders have decided that if anyone that is a recruit or higher that has not registered on the GEG FORUMS. If anyone would like to take part in this community and or want to stay with this community, Everyone must be registered. If anyone that has not registered we will send you a warning. We as founders strongly suggest that you register on the GEG FORUMS. Because anyone who is not registered will not do any community activity and will not be promoted at all.

All Community Members. We are adding a new rank it's called Pre-Recruit they have 2 weeks to register on the GEG FORUMS. Must start doing their part in the community. The other branches are empty if you want to recruit for the community. Lets all start by helping the other branches grow, because black ops and mw2 need to have a brake on recruiting for now and everyones main focus should be getting recruits for those other branches. Now before we just go join up with a good sponsor we need to focus on the growth of the community first.

At the start of every meeting we will call on someone to say the code of conduct. Everyone will follow the chain of command, And at the start of every meeting everyone will mute their mic. The Founders Will speak first and we will go down the chain of command and the first one to have there mic unmuted or speak out of line or out of turn will be kicked from the meeting. We are always open to new ideas or anything else that would benefit the community. This is a recommendation that all recruiters must ask the person they are recruiting if they own 3 games for the community branches. We have made changes to SSGT, MSGT, and Lt rank jobs because we think they all 3 are more fair and sounds more accurate.

Us founders might allow them to return for practice, A decision will be determined by the founders and will come to a decision in a private party. And for pratice We will not whine or be overly immature and loud and everyone must communicate with each other and the first i hear someone(s), is causing problems or is not listening will be kicked from practice no questions asked. And we do not want anyones feedback we will handle it ourselves.

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