Welcome Recruits!

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Welcome all new recruits!!!

Post  GEG FLOWERPOWER on July 18th 2010, 9:50 pm

Alrigt hey members of GEG not GXG! lol

ok this forum might already be made but still this is my forum!!!!!

So this is the forum where everyone could atleast leave your name on Xboxlive and say hi and just have a chat
But this is just a forum to say hey and leave any messages for the clan

But, Hey i'm Zwhat or Eric and i am a founder of Global Extreme Gaming and the youngest founder at the age of 14 and a little about myself is that i love MW2 and i am a beast quickscoper and sniper so you'll see me always with my Intervention with fall while i'm running around! Also i do halo3 and i have the katana so i did Halo 3 alot before MW2 so it's my old baby!!

Well leave your name and a little about yourself,

Thanks Zwhat

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Welcome Recruits!

Post  BloodyDevil21 on July 20th 2010, 5:11 am

Hey whats up guys? Its great havin you as a apart of this clan. I'm BloodyDevil21, ("Bloody" for short), or Chance. Like Zwhat I too am a sniper, but I'm also a great grounds man. Most of the time you'll see me skurry acros the map with n assault rifle or smg. Well if there's anything that you wish to know about anythin you come across or think of let someone know and we'll try to give you an ans. Well ya'll leave a shout out. Peace

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Re: Welcome Recruits!

Post  GEG T o X i C on August 10th 2010, 12:48 am

Hello my fellow recruits. My name is ELiiT3skilzz. Im the youngest founder of the GEG and i am 13. I will be changing my gt in the near future. I nlive in New Jersey. And i respond to a couple of names
Dale,Megan,Megan Fox, Pablo,Dj,And ELite. I hope you have a fun time on the site and in the clan. If you have no one to play M.W.2. I'll be there. Because im watching you..... From a distance study Good bye everybody, This Big ELiiT3skilzz, and im out PEACE! albino
GEG T o X i C

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Re: Welcome Recruits!

Post  bojackjb on December 28th 2010, 8:52 am

new recruit by luxury. Name is joshua-i play MW2 mostly, but im best at halo reach/3, and solid at black ops. Mostly, i play WoW, but with school comming up, my game time will be even more limited. But, i love playing, sometimes can do very well, sometimes not so well. Anyways, i look forward to some fun gamming with everyone Very Happy


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Re: Welcome Recruits!

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