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2. We Made This Community To Be One Big Family And Try To Have Fun So Lets Work Together As One
Big Family Like Brothers and Sisters. Lets Never Leave Our Brothers and Sisters Behind or Leave Them To Die.

3. Lets Act Mature As We Grow Older And Wiser. Lets Act More Professional. Lets Not Whine Or Complain About Cheaters, Modders and Hackers. Or Because " We Shot That Person First and Instead They Got Us First " That is To Bad Accept It. Acting Like A 2 Year Old Will Not Be Tolerated.

4. Even Though We May Fight or Argue With Each Other Does Not Mean We Hate Each Other Lets Keep Working On Our Differences And Make Changes To Our Wrongs Or Rights And Change The Way We Talk Or Act To Each Other Or To Anyone.

5. We Need To Be Honest And Vent Our Feelings To Others And Tell Them How We Truely Feel In A Calm And Professional Way.

6. Lets Respect Everyone And Not Make Enemies With Everyone Including Ourselves.

7. Lets Follow The 3 Strike Role And Do Our Rank Jobs And Follow The Code Of Conduct (C.o.C) If Not We Have
3 Strikes And We Will Be Out Of The Community, We Must Not Let This Happen To Anyone In Our Community.

8. Lets Be an Active and Competitive Gaming Community.

9. Lets Be Active On The Homepage GEG Chat And The GEG Forums Chat, Just Click On The Green Homepage Link Here We Would Also Like It, If The Community Could Be More Active On The Community Forums. No Posting Immature Garbage And Anything Not Topic Related Or Topics That Are Not Allowed.

10. Lets Continue On In Our Journey To Be The Best Damn Gaming Community There Is,
The Best Damn Gaming Community There Was
And The Best Damn Gaming Community There Ever Will Be.


GEG Forum Rules:

1. Everyone Must Read All Other Topics and Replies First Before They Create New Topics Or Post a reply.

2. Everyone Must Try To Get On The Forums Atleast 3 Times A Week.

3. No GEG Related Topics or Replies Will Not Be Posted Anywhere Else OR It Be Will Deleted.

4. No Creating NEW TOPICS Or Post Replies That are GEG Related topics Anywhere Else OR It Be Will Deleted.

5. No Non Related Topics or Replies that do not belong in Other Topics Anywhere Else OR It Be Will Deleted.

6. No Bad Language, Unless Your Venting about your bad day ect. Especially any with God, Ass, Shit, Jesus, Christ, Mother, Fuck, Fucker, Fucking, Gay, black, Jack, Lesby.

7. No Drama

8. No Discrimination, Racism, Or Any Kind Of Sexual Harassment and Abuse.

9. Must Act Mature by meaning of acting mature: act and talk professionally, No Acting Like A 2yr Old, Like Speaking Out Of Line While Some One Is Talking, Or They'er Whining and Crying because They got banned, suspended Or Demoted and removed this Will not be tolerated, Or About Anything Else Because We Do Not Care, And Only Because We Do Not Want To Hear It.
We Do Not Want To Hear Anyone Posting Or saying How did this guy get a promotion before me or Why didn't i get promoted.

10. No Disgusting Pictures of each other Or url/links to porn sites, We will not tolerate any illegal activities inside or outside of GEG. We have the right to remove anyone if they do drugs, or If they even talk about it.


G.E.G Code Of Conduct:

1. No Cheating, Boosting, or Modding, Only Friendly Modding.

2. No Drama.

3. No Poaching.

4. No Discrimination, Racism, Or Any Kind Of Sexual Harassment and Abuse.

5. T-Bagging and trash talking are allowed only among friends in custom Games, Now we will allow it in matchmaking only if they provoke (for example t-bag,trash talk,) you first. Scrimmages we Must not t-bag or trash talk another clan or gamer.

6. Must act Mature if not immediate Removal from the clan is questionable or any leadership or rank will be removed.

7. No Multiple Gaming leagues, For example joining other clans while in G.E.G, Or their already in a clan while joining GEG.

8. Remain Neutral and friendly to other gamers, and gaming leagues. We do not want to make enemies.

9. Show courtesy and respect to all ranks above and below you.

10. No leaving the game EARLY OR LATE all must finish the game unless there is an actual excuse for leaving.

11. No joining Prestige Lobby's, We do not want to see our community gamers get banned.

12. We will not tolerate any illegal activities inside or outside of GEG. We have the right to remove anyone if they do drugs, or post pornography and If they even talk about it.

13. No Giving Away your personal information or your phone number to anyone especially Members in our community.

14. Must Attend meetings atleast once a week and must be an actual excuse for missing No leaving EARLY OR LATE.

15. Global Extreme Gaming Members must become a Master Sergeant to get a GEG Gamer Tag.

Everything above falls under the 3 Strike Rule.

GEG Meeting Rules:

1. Everyone must Mute their mics, If someone does not mute there mic we will
warn them if they don't listen or they aren't there kick them from the meeting.

2. No Speaking out of turn/out of line, or being loud we will warn them if they
don't listen or they aren't there kick them from the meeting.

3. No Talking over Anyone Especially founders.

4. Founders Speak First.

5. News or Announcements come First.

5. Call on Someone to State The C.o.C/community Rules.

6. Go down the Chain Of Command, for questions, answers Or ideas.

7. Practice, recruiting, promoting, demoting or anything else will happen after the meeting.


GEG Practice Rules:

1. The Host/Party Leader Picks the game type and the map and fix the rules
for the game type Not anyone else unless he chooses otherwise.

2. The host/party leader is to make 2 practice games 1. Amature/Core 2. Pro/Hardcore Game types.

3. The host/party leader is also to have as many fun time games he wants w/ the community after practice.

4. Everyone will listen to the host and the founders.

5. No talking over the host/party leader.

6. Everyone will communicate with each other professionally without trying to be immature or make jokes.

7. No starting drama or arguing, and whining everyone will try and have fun or act professional.

8. No Pointing out the obvious For example "Sternerkids/cowgirl7299 was camping!" we don't care the games
were made to have fun not made for your way the world doesn't evolve around just you.

9. T-Bag/trash talk only if community member don't care and No discriminating anyone
And everyone will ask a LTAD or founder if it is ok to friendly t-bag and trash talk anyone.


3 Strike Rule:

Ranks from Lieutenant Admiral to Founder Except M.I.A This is what we are to go by for those not doing their rank job or If they broke the code of conduct.

Strike 1. Demote them and Tell them to do their Rank Job(s), Or Tell them they must Follow and read The C.o.C, Or If we think they are lying about not doing what they were told and Only if we know they are lying. And Or if they have a Problem doing what they were told offer them with 3 choices 1. A suspension, 2. be Banned Or 3. Removed. Offer them days and weeks to do what they were told.

Strike 2. After Strike 1. They still did not do what they were told, We demote them again with a suspension with how many days or weeks and months we want. Unless they have a good reason why they didn't do what they were told. If we believe it give them Days, Weeks, and Months to do what they were told to do.

Strike 3. After days, weeks, months they did not do what they were told, demote them and Ban them for 30 days and if they don't like it add another 30 days, and if they still haven't did what the were told, Remove them from the community. If They lie about not being able to do there rank job Demote them and suspend them for 2-3 weeks to do what they were told, If they have a problem with it, Offer Them 1 Choice 1. be Banned. If after 2-3 weeks we see or hear that they have not done what we told them to do Ban them for 90 days, and If after 2 weeks from being banned for 90 days, and they still have not did what they were told Remove them from the community No exceptions.


Recruiting Speech:

1. Ask how old they are. Age Limit is 14 in a half to 15,
If 13 and under. Must be approved by the General Of G.E.G or Founder.

2. Ask them if they've ever been in a Clan before or If they are in a clan
Or If they have Ever Been In Our Clan Before, If Yes, Contact or send
a message to A GENERAL OF G.E.G OR FOUNDER Right a Way.

3. G.E.G Stands for Global Extreme Gaming.

4. Code Of Conduct:

1. Must be mature, No Giving away Information of any kind or anyone elses info.

2. Must attend meetings, No Illegal Activities, No Multiple Gaming leagues.

3. No Cheating, Drama, Poaching, Or Any kind of Discrimination and prestige lobbies.

4. No t- Bagging or trash talking allowed in scrimmage games or Clan Battles.

5. Respect all gamers, and gaming leagues, This includes us also. We do not want to make enemies.

6. Must become a Master Sergeant to have a G.E.G Gamer Tag.

5. Are you still interested in joining G.E.G?

6. Ask If it is ok to change Their armor primary color. And their emblem primary, secondary, and background color's

7. Ask if it is ok to change their Motto and Bio? They Are being put at the rank of Pre-Recruit (PRE).

8. If they are a Halo recruit They Can Pick any Primary and Secondary Armor colors ann their emblem is (Spartan w/ Sword toggled with no background. Primary emblem color can be any color they want. Secondary emblem color must be the brick color. Then Motto: GEG Pre-Recruit - PRE.

9. Pre-Recruits Must register on the G.E.G forums within 2 weeks.

After the Pre-Recruit signs up On the GEG FORUMS only then will anyone have to follow steps 10 and 11 for motto and bio Ect.

10. Motto: GEG (Branch Name Here) Recruit - RCT.

11. Then Bio: Recruited by (Recruiters Gamer Tag Goes here) Then the Month - Date - and Year. And If call of duty etc. next is the clan tag (GEGr Or 434R). If they don't have the games you are recruiting for Ask if they have the other games in the other branches.

12. If overseen put Overseen by (The One whose overseeing his/her Gamer Tag Goes here) Then Recruited by (Recruiters Gamer Tag Goes here) Then the Month - Date - and Year.

13. Send messages out to introduce and welcome the recruit into Global Extreme Gaming.

14. They Must Add the Branch Name to their friends list so tell Them to go to A GEG Members friends list or yours and add A GEG (BRANCH NAME HERE) for example A GEG SEVIN.

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